Silent Moto /

Taking a different route in electric vehicles

That moment when you’re skiing down a slope just by yourself, catching a wave in the ocean or just taking a run in the forest. That feeling you get when it feels like you’ve cleared your mind and lost track of time.... That’s the feeling we want to create when you ride the Silent Moto. A project based on passion and built for enthusiasts. By focusing on the soul and honesty within the motorcycle community we wanted to create a driving force and transparency for the future of electric mobility.

Together we built a company from the ground up creating a brand and a product that is totally unique on the market. The aim is not only to speak to the motorcycle community but to the people that share the same passion for simplicity and true experiences.

Our philosophy is to take the road less travelled by, and with a ‘no-bullshit’ attitude and style, join us on our journey because this is only the beginning.
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Elektron /

A long term relationship building for a new generation of customers

Elektron is one of the most renowned and possibly best synthesizer brands in the world. Together in a close relationship we developed new ways to create music and explored new markets during the past years.... Two new product lines MK II and Model:Samples, encapsulated in more user friendly designs building on the insights of usability and ergonomics.

While the MK II became a success in the music industry the focus on opening up a different segment in the market had our full attention. A new era of product needed to come alive and the goal was to attract, not only the professionals but the important first time users as well.

Inspired by a classic 90’s boombox with its handle, our idea communicates that it is the perfect portable device for your on-the-go creativity. A neat package, designed for all day use wherever you are.

Like Elektron says. - ‘You get pretty much all of the Elektron superpowers in a sleek, lightweight, and accessible package.’
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Volvo Sign + Gate /

Creating a stronger and more attractive brand

By combining the brand strategy together with the focus on the individual of the employee we formed the architectural structure for executing both wayfinding and environmental... presence at the new updated campus.

It felt natural to focus on the people and the fact that large parts of the year in Sweden is spent in darkness. The signs and buildings should aim to brighten the daily commute by being a more human centric meeting point as well as a clear guide at the campus.

The result became a simple white surface that shines when it is bright and lights up when it is dark, communicating the message clearly. The entrance gates become a part of the system. They are the touchpoint where several thousand people enter and exit everyday, where business guests will have their first physical interaction with Volvo and should be a place where people can meet and interact.

After all, Volvo is a brand made by people for people.
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IKEA Museum /

Visualise and experience music

Based on the impact music has on humans the goal was to create an interesting exhibition connecting the visitor to the history and future of IKEAs road to music. Music increases our creativity, influences atmospheres and makes us feel more connected to those around us....

Immediately the feeling of making something interactive came to mind as music is so touching. By letting the visitor experience three ways of music connected to IKEAs history, we could create an interactive narrative which evolved through history and addressed all age groups.

These three sections gave IKEA new ways to display their history as well as their newest product in collaboration with SONOS.

The exhibition was called LOOK MUSIC and had a great impact in the IKEA museum calendar as the whole project was a combination of strategic work and collaboration between partners within a short period of time.
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IKEA Museum /

Exploring new product applications

‘Home Futures’ focused on our vision of the future home. During the 20th century, architects and designers saw the home as a testing ground. IKEA has always shared this vision and is now pushing the boundaries of what the future home can be....

The reusability of a temporary exhibition was a tempting idea, both from a business perspective but also a sustainability aspect. It came to life when we created the exhibition around the iconic product, IVAR shelf. It became a segment that could both display the unique items of the exhibitions as well as acting as dividers within the space. Creating rooms and visual statements for the visitor.

After the exhibition was finished the shelfs could go back to visitors' homes, as they were sold in the bargain department of the local IKEA store.
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Volvo LA /

Creating a reusable modularity

Time was running out! During a three day sprint we pushed and challenged the concept of exhibitions to suit the future of our client....

The insight became clear, with the dying industry of large and expensive fairs we needed to design a size-and-situation adaptable concept that is more modular for the venue and also reusable for the future.

Based on the three simple ingredients of a floor, wall and ceiling we manage to make a more interesting and flexible space that could draw the attention and curiosity of the visitors as well as reminding them of the strong company heritage.

The end result made our client more independent and flexible as well as creating a bold presence within the venue itself.
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